Saturday, February 1, 2014

Annapurna..... seems cold

One of my favorite things to do while I am driving through a city or small town is to look at the people walking in the street and wonder what their lives are like.  I often ask myself questions like, "Where are they going?  What are their plans for the day?"  I find that on long car trips this helps to keep me entertained, but sometimes I get lost in thought, wondering whether or not their lives are different from mine.  Of course, since I end up driving right on by these people, all of my questions go unanswered.  Reading Annapurna, on the other hand, has actually given me a view into someone else's life.  Although the part of Herzog's life I get to read about is undoubtably more exciting than the average person on the street, I am still appreciative to gain insight into the life of someone else, even if they are not average.  Its easy for me to get caught up in my own life, with all the work and responsibilities I have, and I forget sometimes that there is a whole world out there that exists beyond me.  I think thats why I have enjoyed reading Annapurna.  Herzog's adventure is so far removed from what I experience everyday that I can't stop turning the pages.  I am so impressed with his expedition and what they were able to accomplish, especially with the low tech equipment they were using.  My big adventure for the day is walking up the hill and not taking a nap as soon as I get back to my room, so reading about someone who climbed a 8,000 meter peak has given me a fresh perspective on the world.  Yet, as impressed as I am with Herzog and his team, that mountain seems damn cold and I am glad to just be reading about them doing it from the comfort of my bed.

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