Monday, February 3, 2014

Got Change?

I’m struck by Herzog’s leadership abilities. He was in charge of a whole lot of planning. A lot of eyes, trusting eyes, turned to him during tense situations. I find it hard to put my trust in people when surrounded by uncertainty, but Herzog’s team swore to obey him as the leader of the expedition in all circumstances, especially at moments of crisis. What motivated Herzog’s team to jump on the bandwagon of this seemingly crazy expedition? I think it has something to do with change. People have a need for change (I know I get stir crazy if I’m stuck in one place for a while and start thinking, what could I be doing on the other side of the world right now?), and change is a key component of exploration. During an exploration, one experiences a change in his or her surroundings as well as internal change of some sort. You discover something about yourself during an exploration. I know I did after my first rock wall climbing experience (keep in mind, extreme adventures are relative). I discovered that I could do it, and you know what I did after that experience? I called my mom to tell someone what I had done—to share my excitement. When Herzog makes it to the top of Annapurna, he says, “If only the others could know. If only everyone could know.” People have a desire to share moments of change--to tell someone, hey look what I did! Herzog's team battled uncertainty to share a moment of change.

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