Monday, February 24, 2014

Norgay's focus on the environmental and cultural impacts of mountaineering expeditions and tourism in Nepal elucidated these issues through a multifaceted, multiracial perspective that is unique to Norgay. Norgay provides an intriguing perspective on the socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental issues that plague many developing countries that encounter the title wave of influence that is the American tourism industry. Norgay describes the cultural norms in his home region with a refreshing sense of pride and respect that cannot be communicated from a westerner's perspective. He provides an illustration of the simultaneous simplicity, humility, and difficulty of subsistence living. I found his comparison of his few personal possessions to the excessive belongings of his college roommates to propose a very important cultural juxtaposition that reflects much larger cultural distinctions that characterize the dynamic that exists between subsistence cultures, such as sherpas, and western expeditions that extend a problematic influence on these regions.

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