Monday, April 7, 2014

Contributors for the Armchair Adventurer

The preface was written by Jon Krakauer and the introduction & epilogue by David Roberts.  After both the preface and the introduction there are very small bios about each man which are pretty much just repeated on the back cover of the paperback version.  Both men are described by their adventure writing prowess.  As we know, Krakauer is more than just an adventure writer, he is also an adventurer himself.  If you look up David Roberts, a plethora of National Geographic articles pop up and then you learn that he spent thirteen seasons in Alaska completing a bunch of first ascents.  Yet the descriptions don't mention that either of these men have first person experience in extreme winter adventure.  It sets it up as a novel for armchair adventurers who are more versed in reading than adventure.  The descriptions combined with the content in the preface and introduction place the book in the realm of exceptional novels rather than extreme adventure narratives.  Though it seems that Roberts in particular would like to see the merge of the two, in particular with this book.

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