Saturday, April 12, 2014

And this is interesting

A book on leadership lessons drawn from Shackleton's expedition

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  1. 'Endurance' was suggested to me a year ago on the terms that I should read it to pick up on the excellent leadership skills/tips of Shackleton. Reading it a second time with a more critical literary eye made me pick up on more of the intentional leadership decisions and Lansing's obvious intentions to focus on them. Lansing chose to include the diary entries that make a smart, followable, solid leader, with enough emotion and failures to make him a tangible leader. He may have omitted a series of negative diary entries and placed Shackleton in a more negative light, changing the tone and focus of the book, but he didn't. Lansing composed this book to give the readers a particular experience, to ride along on the expedition, following the sturdy Shackleton.