Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trees Playing

Sorry this is kinda late. I'm a busy bee.

One of my favorite things about forested areas in the summer is that way that the trees and the grass throw light. I'm endlessly fascinated by the way light moves through the slight sheen on the needles of a pine, or the way the sun illuminates the greenest leaves ever greener. I also love watching shadows on the ground. I think that in the spring and summer, there's a lot more in the Glen to hold one's interest in terms of life forms - more animals, bugs, plants living and moving. There's lots of activity in the summer. But in the winter, everything becomes black and white and shades of grey and the quiet is very full and large. The glen in the winter offers a more peaceful, quiet retreat. When we walked through the glen in the winter, I remember that the sounds of the traffic were effectively reduced to a negligible level, whereas on Thursday, I still could hear the outside world, but I was so busy being infatuated with the sights and smells and movement around me that I didn't notice much.

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