Thursday, April 25, 2013


I usually don't spend much time in the woods in the snow. I wouldn't say that I avoid woods in winter, I just never feel the urge to cavort about in places I can't build snowpersons. That being said, I did really enjoy our Glen walk in January - it was peaceful and I liked the new perspective on a familiar scene. I particularly liked the ice on the surface of the stream, which we could still see and hear underneath.
Today was an ideal April day for a woodland jaunt, with singing birds and rustling leaves underfoot. As in January, the sun was bright on the bare branches...shadows are cool. The spring flowers remind me of home, and I can't wait for the greenness to spread upward to the trees, and I especially can't wait for the apple trees to bloom.
My mother and younger sister were also out in the woods today, picking up trash and lopping invasive rose bushes while mending the fence and admiring wild violets. As I prepare to graduate, I think about woods in spring, and which woods I will see transform next April.

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