Thursday, April 25, 2013


What struck me first was the realization of how much work it takes to keep a landscape/garden in good condition. The meticulous effort it takes to make a place look truly beautiful must be astounding. The grass was very green and very healthy, the cobblestone and plants were all quite elegantly done. Nature is beautiful by itself, but today spoke to how much man can have an effect on nature. Fortunately, today was for better, as we saw how much can enhance nature through respectful trails, diverging streams, creating bridges, and so forth. The people who worked on that trail, planted those plants, and built those benches made nature even more enjoyable. Looking after nature is our duty, and we can enhance our own enjoyment of it along the way. This is man and nature co-habitating correctly. Man on a mountain such as Everest isn't as natural. We aren't made to be up there. That's nature and us grating against each other. Standing on top of Denali may be exciting, even breathtaking. But there are certain barriers needed to be broken that arguably shouldn't be broken. Today was harmonious. It was beautiful.

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