Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Signal by Ron Carlson

I would like to recommend The Signal written by Ron Carlson. I read this book a few years ago and still remember the absolutely astonishing descriptions of the Wind River Mountain Range in Wyoming. The novel reminds me a lot of the Eiger Sanction although the descriptions are, in my opinion, a lot richer in the Signal. The story describes a six-day trip in the mountain range that Mack and his ex-wife Vonnie undergo. This trip is meant to be their last journey together and symbolizes the end of their relationship. Early on in the narrative, the reader becomes aware that Mack is also undergoing this trip for work and the initially slow narrative turns into a vibrant thriller. The novel is a thriller, romance and a bildungsroman. The Signal presents Mack’s quest for forgiveness and demonstrates perfectly how the River Mountain Range will help him retrieve balance in his life. This hopeful tale could be a great addition to the syllabus and I would highly recommend people to read it!

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